5 Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before Choosing a Nail Service

A fresh manicure can make you feel confident and put together.

But it takes a lot of skill to do nails well.

For a flawless finish, start with clean nails. Use a lint-free facial cotton pad to wipe each nail and remove any polish residue.

Next, apply a base coat. Skipping this step can cause nail polish to bleed and chip.

1. Do you have a preference?

You probably know that you have lots of options when it comes to nail polish colors, but did you realize there are even more choices when it comes to types of manicures? We talked to salon owners, nail technicians, and one beauty writer who has tried ’em all to break down the pros and cons of nine popular manicure styles.
This question asks the hiring manager about your experience, skill level, and depth of knowledge in performing nail care services. Answering with specifics is a great way to demonstrate your ability to perform the job well, and it helps the hiring manager gauge your potential value to their team. For example, you can say, “I use an extensive range of nail treatments that will strengthen your nails and help them achieve gorgeous natural-looking length and thickness.” You should also mention any specialties or unique techniques that you excel in.

2. Do you have time?

A manicure is a great way to look polished and put together, but it’s important to know how long your polish will last and how much maintenance it requires. In order to keep your nails looking fresh and healthy, you should apply a top coat at least every other day and be sure to wear gloves when doing chores or using bar soap.
It’s also essential to have a few key tools and products on hand. According to manicurists Lisa Logan and Betina Goldstein, you should have strength-enhancing nail polish remover (it’ll help keep your nails healthy), cuticle oil (“it helps soften your cuticles so they can be pushed back”), and a base coat.

3. Are you comfortable with the technician?

Many people find that getting a manicure is an important part of their self-care routine. It helps them relax and also gives them a nice, clean look that can be difficult to achieve at home. While it can be easy to get a nail salon manicure, there are some things that you should consider before making an appointment.
For example, it’s important to find a nail technician that is knowledgeable about the best techniques and products. It’s also important to ensure that your nail technician uses sterilized tools and is aware of the risks of hepatitis and other infections. In addition, it’s a good idea to use a base coat before applying your polish (we recommend OPI’s Here To Stay and Gel Couture) to create a strong foundation and prevent staining.

4. Are you comfortable with the environment?

A fresh manicure can help you look put together and polished. But while a professional nail appointment can be luxurious and relaxing, there are ways to achieve the same look at home without breaking the bank.
The key to a great manicure is proper preparation. Start with an acetone-free polish remover and clean the nails thoroughly with a piece of tissue or paper towel (not newsprint, which leaves lint) until all traces of old polish are gone.
Then, apply a layer of moisturizer to your hands and nails before painting. Some experts recommend using a specialized hand cream for very dry skin, but any type of lotion will do. Finally, apply a clear top coat to protect your nails from chipping and smudging. Then you can enjoy a perfect manicure for any occasion!

5. Are you comfortable with the price?

When getting a manicure, it’s customary to tip the technician about 15 percent or so (similar to tipping your waitress). If they go above and beyond, consider giving them a little extra.
Choosing your look isn’t just about color—you can also get fun with a base coat (the clear one that acts like a glue for the nail lacquer) and nail art. Some examples include dragging a magnet through wet polish for squiggle designs, and adding tiny stick-on jewels.

If you’re committed to your home manicures, make sure to invest in a good moisturizer for your hands and nails (try O’s Daily Facial Cream), so they stay healthy-looking. It’s also important to learn how to do a proper at-home manicure—sloppy techniques can lead to chipped polish, smudged cuticles, and more.

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