Best Hair Color Highlight Ideas

Best hair color highlight ideas

Dark chocolate can be rich and bold, so highlights in a more neutral shade are a great way to lighten it. A soft beige is a flattering option, as it keeps your brown hair warm and neutral.

A buttery blonde touch that embellishes your brown strands looks as sweet as peanut butter on toast. It also makes for a low-maintenance look that’s easy to maintain.

Summer Highlights

Summer is a great time to add a fresh hair dye, sunkissed highlight to your hair. But be careful not to go too light. Extremely light highlights on dark hair can look streaky and unnatural. Instead, opt for a balayage technique that skips the foil and allows your stylist to hand-paint these soft strands.

For blondes, try a subtle biscuit balayage that melts from the darker roots into lighter ends. This warm buttery tone will flatter any skin tone and is perfect for summer since it won’t turn brassy as quickly as some other blonde shades.

Brunettes can also rock the summer highlight trend with a soft, warm chocolate balayage that features a smooth transition between different brown shades. This is a perfect way to refresh your short or long chocolate hair, and it’s also one of the most popular hair color ideas for black women.

Fall Highlights

Fall is the perfect time to switch up your blonde hair color with a warm golden shade. This mesmerizing tone is flattering for most skin shades, and it’s sure to make your strands glow with autumn flair. For a dimensional look, ask your colorist to paint your face-framing highlights with a lighter shade, like the strawberry blonde hue seen on TikTok star Addison Rae’s gorgeous bob.

Balayage is back this season, with high contrast highlighting Opens in a new tab being all the rage. You can create this look by either sweeping chunky highlights on your dark hair or blending freehand painted balayage with foils (AKA foilyage). Use Blondor Freelights to pre-lighten your natural brown base, then highlight using Koleston Perfect 8/03 in a warm caramel shade.

If you’re ready to upgrade your dark red shade for fall, try a coppery ginger hue. This vibrant shade is full of life and will look amazing on most hair colors, from ash brown to rich espresso. It also works well with darker locks, like this burgundy hue worn by Lily James.

Winter Highlights

If you want a color that’s both bold and warm this winter, go for a mahogany red. The rich hue is gorgeous and looks stunning on brunettes with cool skin tones. The best way to wear this shade is with a natural mahogany brown base, then adding warm highlights throughout your mane for a balanced look that glows.

For blondes, a dark golden blonde is a warm and toasty option for winter. This shade of blonde is a little darker than the platinum blondes you’ll find in summer, so it adds depth and warmth to your locks. You can also ask your stylist to highlight your blonde hair with golden highlights for a richer tone that’s a bit more flattering on warmer skin tones.

Blonde highlight ideas for winter also include spicy tone balayage. This hair color combines the cool blonde shades you love in the summer with red and copper tones that are hot for winter. The result is a sexy style that’s sure to turn heads when you walk into the room.

Spring Highlights

If you’re looking to brighten your look for spring, blonde hair highlights are a great way to do it. While it might seem bold to add blonde to dark hair, when done correctly it can be stunning and flattering. Opt for blond highlights that are only a shade or two lighter to create a natural effect. If you’re ready to try something more dramatic, consider face-framing blonde streaks that draw attention to your beautiful eyes and complement your complexion.

If a blonde look is too drastic for you, opt for a soft ombre instead. This color technique is darker at the roots and gradually fades to a light hue on the bottom third of your hair’s length. Try a honey color melt, platinum, or even a rose gold shade to lighten your hair for the spring.

A fresh, hot fashion trend that is also low-maintenance is the balayage highlighting technique. This style takes a more organic approach to coloring your hair, using a bleach formula and free-style hand-painting to create sun-kissed, natural-looking results. You can try a contemporary take on this look called “flamboyage,” which is like a more intense version of balayage and focuses on adding a variety of colored strands throughout your entire head.

Summer Blonde

The sun’s rays have a way of lightening and highlighting lighter hair tones in the summer. This natural effect can be replicated with bleach, and is perfect for clients who want to achieve a “beach blonde” look. This level of blonde is very light and can be difficult to maintain, but a great option for those who have darker roots or who don’t want to commit to dyeing their entire head.

For those with thin strands, blonde balayage can make your locks seem fuller by adding dimension and a more youthful look to your strands. This look also works well for those with longer hair as a way to give more volume and texture to your strands.

If you’re looking to spice up your blonde, try incorporating icey platinum balayage with a cool brown base. This color block will give you an ethereal, Tumblr-worthy look that’s sure to turn heads. You can even use this style to hide pesky grey hairs! This shade looks best when worn with a tousled, beachy style.

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