Hair Salon Services You Didn’t Know About

People depend on skilled beauty technicians

Many people depend on skilled hair colorists and hairstylists for their daily looks. While some may try to do their own haircuts or styling at home, nothing quite matches the work of a trained professional.

Miller’s Hair Studio focuses on inclusivity and aims to create a calming environment for clients and provide the ideal hair service for their needs.

1. Microblading

Eyebrows are so important to the overall look of a face. If you’re looking for something that will give your sparse eyebrows a fuller and extremely natural look, microblading is the way to go. This semi-permanent makeup technique is the latest and greatest in eyebrow-enhancing technology that will save you both time and money in the long run. You’ll never have to spend your hard-earned cash on makeup products or waste valuable time filling in your brows ever again because this service will do it for you!

Microblading is a form of cosmetic tattooing that involves using a hand tool with a blade to press pigment into the superficial dermis of the skin. It is often referred to as “embroidery” or “feather touch,” and it’s becoming more and more popular among women of all ages. The results are so realistic and natural that they can be mistaken for actual brow hair!

Before your appointment, it’s important to discuss your desired brow shape with your artist. Also, it’s best not to get your brows wet or sweat for a few days because this can pull out the pigment. Your artist may have other specific guidelines for preparing for your appointment, so it’s good to ask them.

Once the initial procedure is complete, it’s time for your follow-up visit. During this appointment, your specialist will re-evaluate your brows and determine whether or not the color or thickness needs to be adjusted. This touch-up only takes about an hour and is free of charge.

In recent years, microblading has become more and more popular, mostly due to the fact that it’s a safer and more permanent alternative to traditional beauty tattoos. It’s no wonder why it recently surpassed “permanent makeup” in Google searches.

2. Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are a great way to create a new look and to boost the volume of your hair, especially if you have thin or fine hair. There are various styles of hair extensions available in the market, from clip-ins (wefts of human hair attached to small one-inch combs) that can be used for quick style changes to full-blown keratin bonds or micro links that are permanently bonded to your natural hair.

According to Miller Gonzalez, who has worked with hair extensions for many years, building expertise, if you’re considering hair extensions, it’s important to seek out an experienced salon to prevent damage and ensure the quality of the product. Hair extensions should be placed and cut in a way that makes them undetectable, he says. It’s also best to choose a reputable hair extension salon that will train stylists on how to apply and remove the extensions properly.

Other than creating a new look, hair extensions can save you money in the long run by eliminating the need for costly hair revitalizing treatments and cuts. Plus, if you go with a set of human hair extensions, they can be dyed the same as your actual hair to give you a fresh new color without spending extra at the salon.

However, if you’re apprehensive about investing in a permanent style, you can also try out a less expensive option like Halos—small strands of hair placed on the crown of the head to blend with natural hair for a more full, voluminous look. “Halos require no maintenance appointment, as they’re not as thick or bulky as wigs or sew-ins,” Moss explains. “Halos can also be colored with a lowlight or highlighted effect, which is a great way to experiment with color without having to undergo a major chemical service.” He adds that tape-in extensions and micro links are other popular options that offer a more subtle, less obvious appearance than a halo.

3. Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions are far from a short-term beauty fad. In fact, they’ve remained a popular and widely-used salon service for decades. And although a lot of people think that eyelash extensions only make the eyes look bigger, they actually provide a more youthful, rested appearance by reducing dark circles and other signs of fatigue.

In addition to a consultation where you’ll decide on the ideal lash length and curl strength, your eyelash artist will also ask what kind of look you want (natural, dramatic, etc.). Some lash artists specialize in specific styles like natural, doll eye or cat eye, while others prefer to play with more custom looks that may require different extension lengths or styles.

Once the initial lash set is complete, they can last anywhere from two to three weeks to a month or more (depending on your individual hair growth cycle and how well you care for them). But even with routine “fills,” your lashes will eventually start to shed, so if you’re going for a full, dramatic look, expect to schedule appointments every two to four weeks to maintain a perfect appearance.

To keep your lash extensions looking fresh, avoid touching or rubbing your eyes and be very careful when using mascara. Also, be sure to get a reputable technician who is trained specifically in eyelash extensions. Many states don’t have regulated licensing requirements for this service, and while cosmetology license holders are typically highly skilled, they may not be properly trained to work with the delicate eye area. Look for a reputable salon that follows strict sanitation and disinfection protocols, and always listen to your gut — if you don’t feel comfortable with a lash technician, it’s best to find another option.


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