Blonde Vs Brunette – Which Hair Color Suits You Best?

Whether to go blonde or brunette is an important beauty decision

The shade you choose can make or break your overall look.

The choice depends on a number of factors, including skin tone, eye color, and personal style. Gigi Hadid, for example, looks great with both blonde and brown hair. She’s got the right face and figure to pull off both looks.

Skin Tone

It’s important to determine which hair color suits your skin tone. Blonde hair is often seen as a more youthful shade of hair, while brunette tends to look more mature. However, both colors can work with a variety of skin tones. A good rule of thumb is to avoid colors that are too yellow or orange as they will clash with your complexion. On the other hand, cool tones such as ash blonde or strawberry blonde may look great on you.

Natural blondes usually have a golden or yellowish tone because of the low levels of brown eumelanin and high levels of pheomelanin. The result is a sunny and happy appearance. Blonde is a popular hair color around the world, with various shades from platinum to caramel and honey.

The opposite is true for brunettes, with a range of shades from dark chocolate to light chestnut and mahogany. The darker your hair, the more eumelanin you have, meaning it will have a warm and rich color. If you have a light skin tone, you can pull off most any shade of brown, but you should try to avoid any red or auburn tones as they can overpower your face.

Many celebrities have swayed back and forth between blonde and brunette, and still look amazing. From Selena Gomez who looks stunning with both blonde and brunette, to Cameron Diaz who remains loyal to her signature blonde locks, these celebs have proved that it’s possible to rock either look and still look fabulous.

Some studies have shown that men prefer women with brown or black hair over blondes. However, this can also depend on location and stereotypes about people with certain hair colors that are portrayed in the media or movies.

A study done in 2011 by Viren Swami and Seishin Berrett went a little bit further than simply asking men which hair color they preferred. They actually put a woman through the ringer by having her sit in different nightclubs for several weeks and watched how frequently she was approached by men. The results of the experiment were quite interesting, showing that a person’s hair color does influence their popularity in certain social situations.

Eye Color

Blondes and brunettes often get pitted against one another, with blondes being described as more airheaded, and brunettes getting seen as being more intellectual. While there’s certainly some truth to this, it is important to note that neither hair color automatically dictates a person’s personality. A person’s natural hair color does, however, have a big impact on how they look.

Blond hair has cool tones that compliment certain complexions and makeup palettes, and can make blue or green eyes really pop. Kristen Stewart is a prime example of someone who works blonde perfectly, as her light locks make her eyes appear bluish and help her skin look pale or cool. Leighton Meester, on the other hand, won every young adult heart as Blair Waldorf, and looks gorgeous in her deep chocolate brown tresses.

Darker shades of brown have warm tones that complement a wide range of complexions, from golden to caramel and chestnut. They can also work as a great base color to create highlights with lighter shades of blonde, or be worn on their own. A popular style is to add a sprinkling of ash blonde or platinum throughout a dark brown mane, which adds dimension and highlights your face shape without looking too stark or overdone.

If you’re a natural brunette, try to maintain the tone of your hair, so that it’s more in line with the color of your eyes. Otherwise, go a few shades lighter to keep things in balance. You can always add a hint of a lighter color later on, using temporary rinses or semi-permanent dyes.

The most common question asked when it comes to choosing a hair color is whether brunette or blonde looks best. While the answer to this depends on personal preference, it’s important to remember that both can be just as gorgeous if they’re done well.

Miley Cyrus is a natural brunette, but she’s experimented with blonde hair a few times over the years. Ultimately, her natural hair color complements her complexion and helps her bold eyebrows stand out. Jessica Alba is another example of a natural brunette who can pull off blonde hair with ease, as her light shade allows her to highlight her facial features and brings out the rich reddish-brown hue in her eyes.

Personal Style

While many people may be tempted to go blonde for the sake of being blonde, it’s important to consider your personal style before making any big changes to your hair color. Blondes can look stunning in just about any shade, from warm gold to platinum blonde, but the lighter shades are usually more popular because they have a natural sun-kissed appearance and offer a brighter, fresher look. Alternatively, if you want to achieve a more natural brunette hue, there are many different tones to choose from that range from rich golden brown to ashy level seven blonde (which is often called “towhead”).

In contrast, brunettes are usually seen as being traditional and classic, so if you’re looking for a look that exudes elegance and sophistication, the brunette option is probably the right one for you. It’s also important to remember that you can still have a modern, youthful personality with brunette hair, whether you wear it light or dark.

Both blondes and brunettes have their own unique charm, but there’s no doubt that brunettes can carry themselves just as well as their blonde counterparts. In fact, a recent study conducted by Viren Swami and Seishin Berrett suggests that the rumor that men prefer brunettes over blondes is false. The study involved showing photographs of the same woman wearing a tan dress and either blonde or brunette hair. The results showed that men approached her more frequently when she was wearing a blonde wig.

The rumors that blondes are more airheaded and brunettes are more intellectual and uptight are simply not true, regardless of what you’ve heard in the past. In fact, blondes can be just as smart and grounded as brunettes and both can be a blast to be around.

Choosing between blonde and brunette should come down to what’s best for your skin tone, eye color, and personality. By taking these factors into consideration, you’ll be sure to find the perfect hair color for you! Remember to maintain your new hair color with regular appointments with a professional stylist, and you’ll have gorgeous, healthy hair that you can be proud of.


Many clients that are going blonde are not prepared for the commitment and expense of maintaining their new color. They need to be honest with their stylists about how much time they are willing to spend in salon and at home, a deep conditioning hair mask, and sulfate-free products, will help them lock down their blonde for longer.

Blonde maintenance begins before the client even steps into the salon chair, and it starts with a consultation. During the appointment, it’s important for the stylist to understand how often the client wants touch-ups done and what shade they want to maintain. This allows the stylist to recommend the best blonde shade that fits their lifestyle and looks good with their skin tone, eye color, and personal style.

It’s also important for the stylist to know if the client’s hair is naturally light or not, and how much of it can be bleached without becoming damaged. If the client wants to go very light, it’s important that they have a good starting point, which will require an initial strand test using a 20 volume bleach before the stylist can give them a quote for achieving their desired blonde.

Brunettes can often go blonde with less damage if they have a lighter natural starting point or have previously colored their hair a light color, such as a honey or strawberry blonde. However, the damage level of the hair is still important to consider because it will impact how light a client can go before visible regrowth becomes noticeable.

As a general rule, the more light you are, the more maintenance it will take to keep your hair healthy and vibrant. It’s important to be consistent with your coloring routine and use high-quality products that are specifically formulated for blondes, like the Olaplex hair treatment Opens in a new tab and Pureology Strengthening and Rejuvenating Hair Mask Opens in a new tab.

A popular trend that is popping up in salons is brunette-meets-blonde. This is a beautiful, flattering, and more natural look that works well with a lot of different skin tones. Celebs like Sofia Vergara and Jennifer Lopez are both rocking this look, and it’s a great option if you’re not sure you want to commit to full-head blonde or brunette.

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