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brown hair color highlights for Indian skin

The Right Brown Hair Color Highlights For Indian Skin

The beauty of brown hair is that it can take on a variety of different highlights. Depending on the hue you choose, highlights can create an amazing contrast or be more subtle for a natural look.

For a gorgeous, natural finish, opt for blonde highlights in a light brown shade. Using the balayage technique, your stylist will hand-paint the color and give you that sun-kissed glow.

Dark Brown

There are plenty of options when it comes to dark brown hair color highlights for Indian skin. You can opt for chocolate hues to lighten your hair a bit, or you can go bold with burgundy highlights. These colors can look stunning if they’re blended in with your natural color in a balayage style. You can ask experts from a salon like ShowStopper to advise you on the right type of hair highlight colors for your melanin-rich complexion.

Another popular option for brown highlights is cinnamon brown. This shade has reddish undertones that flatter women with warm and cool skin tones equally well. It’s also a great shade for brunettes who want to add reddish highlights to their mane.

Dark Blonde

Priyanka Chopra and Deepika Padukone are huge fans of this color shade, and it’s perfect for them as it complements their warm skin tone. It makes their tresses look more vibrant and enhances their eyes and skin complexion.

Lighter shades of brown also suit Indian skin tones, especially honey and dark golden brown. Women with a medium complexion can opt for chocolate brown and ash blonde or mahogany or chestnut highlights.

Red is another hair color shade that suits Indian skin. However, it’s important to understand your skin’s undertone. If you tan easily, you’re likely warm-toned and if your skin turns red when you go out in the sun, you’re likely cool-toned.

Red Highlights

This warm brown hair color with hints of honey and caramel works well with Indian skin. It is also an ideal shade for brunettes looking for a reddish brown look that balances out the yellow undertones in their complexion.

For girls who don’t want to go blonde but still crave a lighter hue, this muted copper brown will give them a rich and natural finish. This gorgeous brown hair color with red highlights will make you feel like a bronze goddess!

If you are a dark brunette, try adding golden highlights in a balayage style. It will highlight your beautiful tresses and make them look sun-kissed. This brown hair color will flatter most brown skin tones and deliver a luscious glow.

Brown Balayage

If you want a rich brown hair color that complements your warm skin tone, choose a dark balayage shade. This wavy, full-bodied look features ribbons of caramel and chocolate brown tones that perfectly blend with your natural shades.

Balayage is a great technique for light Indian hair because it allows you to achieve a sun-kissed look without bleach. The hand-painted highlights blend seamlessly with your natural color, giving your strands dimension and a fresh, natural appearance.

Try a warm chocolate brown balayage with caramel accents on your wavy, voluminous locks to flatter olive skin complexions. Pair with a non-sulfate shampoo and conditioner for luscious, shiny strands that are easy to manage.

Toffee Brown

Toffee brown is a beautiful shade for Indian skin. This shade is a neutral light brown that works well with both warm and cool undertones of the skin. It also compliments a wide variety of eye colours.

This shade is reminiscent of a rich cup of coffee. It looks stunning on those with warm complexions, but is also a good option for those with cool undertones who want to balance the yellowish hues of their complexion.

Toffee brown can be further enhanced with subtle golden highlights for a sun-kissed look. This is a great way to show off your gorgeous dusky Indian skin. It is sure to make people say “brunettes do it better!”.

Cinnamon Brown

The shade inspired by the spice will make your strands look head-turning. This warm brunette hue is perfect for dusky skin tones as it lightens your strands without looking unnatural. It also looks beautiful on balayage highlights or face-framing pieces.

Celebs like Khloe Kardashian and Gigi Hadid have rocked this color over the years. To get this look, ask your stylist to create a dark chocolate brown base with reddish-brown highlights throughout.

Remember to stay away from shades that don’t complement your skin tone, such as all-gold and ash brown. If you have a cool skin tone, stick to shades that lean closer to mahogany and chestnut. If you have a warmer skin tone, opt for shades like bronde and copper red.

Mushroom Brown

A natural-looking hair color shade for all warm skin tones, mushroom brown has the potential to look rich and luscious on your locks. Add some icy blonde highlights to the mix to create an ombre that will highlight your voluminous locks and complement the earthy shades of the mushroom tint.

Give yourself a sun-kissed summer glow with soft caramel balayage highlights on long hair. This face-framing look will have you making viral TikTok videos in no time! Pair with cute braids and a chic updo to show off your new style. This is a color variant that should be done by a professional to ensure a flawless finish.

Golden Brown

If you have cool skin undertones, you can rock the look of golden brown. This beautiful hair color is a mix of light brown and blonde, with a hint of golden tones. You can even opt for highlights to accentuate your look.

Dusky beauties can also try the sultry midnight blue hue. This brown hair colour has warm and dark shades that blend well with your natural skin tone. You can add a twist to this color by wearing it with a tapered bangs or french fringe.

Brunettes do it better, and they look stunning with golden brown hair. It is a warm shade, and those with a warmer complexion and brown eyes look particularly magnificent in it.

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