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How to Repair dry Hair

To make the process of repairing damaged hair easier, it’s helpful to keep a hair journal. Take before and after photos and compare them to see how your hair improved. This will help you determine which hair care techniques and routines have been the most successful. You’ll also have a clearer picture of what’s working and which ones need to be change

Moisturizing dry hair

If you’re suffering from dry, damaged hair, you should start by moisturizing it. Damaged hair is prone to breakage because it lacks moisture. The lack of moisture leads to split ends and a lackluster appearance. In addition, dry hair is prone to frizz.

There are many causes of dry hair. Sometimes it’s hereditary or can develop over time. Either way, it is the result of a lack of oil. Hair and skin become dry when oil production is reduced. Luckily, there are products on the market that moisturize hair naturally.

Oils repair damaged hair

There are many ways to repair damaged hair. You can use a hair oil treatment, which mimics the natural oils in the scalp. Coconut oil is an excellent option because it’s nutrient-rich and can be used as a hot oil treatment. Similarly, argan oil is a wonderful choice for damaged hair.

Moreover, applying oils to your hair regularly will help repair damage that’s already done. It will prevent your hair from being prone to breakage and dryness. Furthermore, these oils will help restore lost moisture and add shine. They will also protect the hair from the damaging effects of sun and heat.

Hot water baths damage hair

The hot water in your bath can damage your hair, scalp and skin. It strips the hair and scalp of natural oils, causing it to dry out and tangle. Additionally, it can cause your hair to become greasy and brittle. Hot water can even cause dandruff.

Hot water baths have many benefits, including cleansing the skin and scalp, but they can also damage your hair and skin. Hot water can dehydrate your skin and can even damage the hair roots. While the hot water may feel nice, it can strip essential oils from the scalp and impede growth. Moreover, hot water also damages the roots of your hair, making them baseless and not supplying the necessary nutrients that your hair needs to thrive.

Chemical changes damage hair

Chemical changes to your hair will damage the hair’s cuticle, the outer layer of the hair shaft. The cuticle protects the cortex inside the hair shaft, and damage to the cuticle will make your hair weak and more prone to breakage. Chemicals used in hair coloring and perms will penetrate the cuticle to change your hair’s color, shape, and texture. Chemicals can also change the structure of your hair by breaking the Disulphide bonds that hold protein structures together.

If you want to maintain a natural and healthy hair color, you should avoid chemical straightening and smoothing treatments. Though these treatments can leave you with the hair you’ve always dreamed of, they can be damaging to your locks. Luckily, there are some home remedies for chemically damaged hair that can help you get your hair back to its natural look.

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