Top summer hair care tips Davines

Top 10 Summer Hair Care Tips to Beat the Heat

Summer is the season of sun, fun, and…frizz. Most of us are aware of the damage the summer weather can cause to our skin, but what about our hair?


High heat also wreaks havoc on healthy hair. Intense UV rays can damage the hair’s cuticle and cause dry hair. The drier hair becomes, the more humid air it will try to soak up to rebalance, ultimately causing it to become more frizzy.


Summer heat is sometimes accompanied by high humidity, or moisture in the air. When it’s humid, your hair soaks up some of this excess moisture, causing your hair shafts to swell and your cuticles to break. And broken cuticles lead to frizzy hair.


Swimming exposes your hair to further damage. The chlorine found in pool water strips hair of its natural oil, leaving it exposed to other pool chemicals which can bind to the hair shaft and cause changes in hair color. And if you are swimming in the ocean or the sea, the salt water dries out your hair, damaging it.