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Amazing using all in one

Our new Essential Haircare Shampoo Bars offer everything you already love about Essential Haircare, but without the plastic.

Never compromising on performance, the shampoo bars provide effective and gentle cleansing for hair and scalp, and true to the Essential Haircare family’s ethos, their carbon-neutral and highly biodegradable formulas feature natural heirloom ingredients from Slow Food Presidia farms in Italy which help to preserve biodiversity on our planet.

You can feel good about helping the planet every time you shower; each component of their 100% recyclable packaging and logistical impact is aimed at the lowest possible harm to the environment

tips to keep you color in shape

If you’re looking for a low maintenance way to lighten your hair while preserving your natural hair color that blends seamlessly into your roots with a less obvious grow-out period, balayage is where it’s at.

What is balayage

Balayage is an application technique, rather than a specific color, that creates a soft, multidimensional highlight. Unlike traditional foil highlights, balayage involves painting lighteners freehand onto the hair with a brush. 

The word balayage is French, and means to sweep or paint. Colorists use brushes to paint sweeps of vertical highlights onto the hair, usually layered with strips of cotton between each section. 

The balayage technique isn’t just for blonde hair as it can also be used on all hair types to create shades of caramel, espresso, pastel dg — really any tone — strands. Read ahead for everything you need to know about maintaining balayage.